Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweat Couture Show

That's it for the Dirty Runner blog on looking sweet while sweatin'.

Now it's time to take everything we've learned and put it into action! Join us at the Sweat Couture Show on Saturday August 27 in Port Dalhousie as part of the pre-race activities for The Chocolate Race.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Killing pretty

Today I ordered a pair of leg compression sleeves from a friend. He was a bit shocked when I said I wanted black - and not pink. I tried to explain the science of wearing a dark versus light colour with my not-so-thin legs and short stature. It was really pointless as he stared back at me like I was speaking Dutch-nese out of my third eyeball. I'm not - me, Stacey, Clinton and half a gazillion followers of the pop tv show What not to wear know that it does make a difference what you wear and how you wear it.

Which brings me to my next point. I'm not crazy! The whole idea of bringing femininity into the sporting apparel world is spreading like wildflowers! Really pretty wildflowers too!

Check out this line of feminine clothing for women that like to hunt:

The camo capris on the left are from the "Safari Chic Huntress" collection.

There's also the "Foxy Huntress" collection as pictured below for the woman that needs a little more coverage as she's out there shootin' and wrangling her big bad prey to the ground.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Details are frilling!

Pardon the absolutely cheesy title. But have you tried to sew? Have you tried to design? Baby it's tough. It's not easy. But like other forms of artwork, the mastery is in the details. It becomes fashion or style when attention is paid to tiny details, like in the Nike skirt above or dress below.

In fact, this tennis-oriented-now-deemed-for-running Nike dress is stunning not only for the ruffle details on the skirt but for the contrast band top left. It has this Jane of Jane & Tarzan feel to it. And the blue - it's not your everyday blue. It's fresh - which is why it goes with the skirt ruffles. That's it! This dress is fresh!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The passerby-ers that ate my dust

Tonight when I ran they whistled. I quickly asked my boyfriend to take a step behind me to make sure the hem of my dress wasn't flipping up to expose my meaty derriere. When he assured me all was clear, I lifted my head a little higher with my next step and thought "eat my dust passer-byers."

Yeh - here's the girl that's making a statement about looking sweet while she sweats and it's working! ...Which is why I want to post this next piece about a really cute new line from a Canadian designer.

I came across the UMA yoga line recently and hesitated when I saw this top. It's quick dry (bonus for running), a lovely, lovely, lovely contrast coloured fabric (pink and brown) and my god - SO INCREDIBLY CUTE with the side tie!

Would I wear it in a run? Absolutely! I feel that I'm breaking barriers about what can be worn on a run. I'd probably wear this outfit on a long-ish, slow haul on the roads. Hmmm...afterthoughts: Bit unpractical for a run with the side bow. But I love it that much that I would take up yoga again just to wear it. Somehow, somewhere, I'd wear this outfit!

I'm just so smitten by this piece. Lovely darling just lovely!

UMA Athletic

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everbody Hoka!

I am not hip. I am not a hipster. But put me in the middle of "Frisco" and I too can feel the stylin' vibe that rocks that Californian city. And similar to my Frisco sensory experience, I totally felt the vibe happening this past weekend at an ultra race down in North Carolina.

I'm not talking about the groovy sense of je ne sais quoi that accompanies the ultra running scene. I'm talking about Hokas Baby! Everywhere I looked svelt runners embarking on a hundred miles of pure running bliss were decked out in Hoka running shoes. And here is another groovy thang - their colours. Canvas died a rich lime green, alarming red or psychadelic yellow cover the surface of these European imports.

Okay - maybe not everyone was sporting the Hokas. But the kids are even wearing them in the prestigious 135 mile Badwater race through Death Valley this summer. And a scientific, recovery-drink making 100 mile runner from last weekend also spoke of their virtues. I swear, every time I put my head down on that trail my eyes fell upon a Hoka.

You know that old reflective question you used to ask short-sighted folks, "If everyone was jumping off of a cliff, does that mean you'd jump off too?" Well, if you asked it of me, my response would be, "It depends - is everyone wearing Hokas?"

Hoka One One

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I can't go on without this dress...

How FUNKY beautiful is this? How ingenious. How against the grain. How not-what-we-see-everyday. How sexy. What is this design saying? Can you feel the swoosh when you move in it? I want to dance in this dress. I feel invigorated just looking at it. Powerful. Playful. Crazy beautiful!

Fabric Roll Call No. 2

It's not just me. I swear. Only last night I once again heard a woman talk about a box full of vintage fabrics she had found that she couldn't keep her hands off of. My seamstress talks the same way. These swatches have me dreaming...